Professional Year Program

Professional Year Programs in Australia

Professional Year Program (PYP) is part of a government approved initiative geared towards retaining skilled employees in Australia. The programs are structured as supervised one-year training, geared towards international students who have graduated from an Australian university in specified fields. The Professional one year program offers skilled immigrants who have undertaken their studies in Australia, an opportunity to be introduced to the Australia job market and its culture in an effort to retain skilled workers and provide them with relevant practical employment training for their future careers.

Most of the programs are structured in the form of skilled migration internships programs that have a two part learning structure: a theoretical and a practical component. The theoretical component includes workshops and seminars that help the skilled graduate develop employability training andpractical workplace skills i.e. resume writing, fluency in writing and communicating in English, interview skills etc. The practical component which is normally an internship, acclimates the skilled graduate to the norms and culture of the Australia workplace, the job market and provides them with practical-on the job training that offers them valuable experience that they can use on their CV.

These professional year programs enhance the professional skills of skilled graduates and help expand their employment opportunities as they also provide networking opportunities throughout the entirety of the structured program. The internships provide a platform where the students in the PYP can learn the Australian workplace professional code of conduct and ethics and help them learn effective ways of communicating in the business world.

In addition, enrolling in a Professional year program helps towards gaining permanent residency in Australia by allowing participants to gain 5 points after completion of the PYE under the general skilled migration scheme.

There are 3 different types of professional year programs available for specified fields:


Professional Year Program - Accounting (SMIPA)

The Skilled Migration Internship Program-Accounting (SMIPA) is a structured one year professional program sanctioned by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in an effort to retain skilled laborers in Australia.SMIPA is available to international students.


ACS IT Professional Year Program

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) Professional year Program is a structured one year professional program established by the ACS to provide international student graduates in Information Computer Technology (ICT) from Australian Universities, the relevant career development and skills to kick start their careers in relevant ICT fields.


Engineering Professional Year Program

The Engineers Australia’s Professional Year in Engineering program was developed by Engineering Education Australia (EEA) to equip international graduates of Australian universities with the skills and experience they need to start a successful career.The program consists of training and an engineering internship placement.